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Monday, May 26, 2008

Getting Better All The Time...

In addition to the 3,117 students who graduated from Yale on Monday, the University honored a Beatle among 8 recipients of honorary degrees.

"At Commencement on Monday, Sir Paul McCartney was awarded a doctorate of music for nothing short of his "musical genius," as his award citation explained it. "Your songs awakened a generation, giving a fresh sound to rock, roll, rhythm and blues," University President Richard Levin told McCartney. "Here, there and everywhere, you have pushed the boundaries of the familiar to create new classics. Sir Paul — who received his degree to a rendition of "Hey Jude" — was treated to a very much expected standing ovation when he shook Levin's hand. "

aww...he looks so cute and ready for the real world...proud of ya, Paul

ALSO, besides getting the musical doctorate, Paul had the oppurtunity to show off (for the official first time), his new girlfriend, the American millionaire, Nancy Shevell. I actually think they make a nice looking couple.

"Couldn't get much worse..."


Meredith said...

He looks good in a cap and gown. <3

She's pretty. =)
Him and Americans.
The one Brit he was married to didn't turn out to suit him... So I guess he's sticking to Americans!

Meredith said...

You know what i just realized?
Paul puts his hands in his pockets a lot and walks like he does in the last picture, and it's really really cute. :D just observing.