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Monday, June 30, 2008

Thumbs aloft!

So I take it things were getting better all the time?

There are actually A LOT more of these optimistic pics (especially of Paul)...which people find realy annoying about him


Beep Beep mm Beep Beep yeah!

Some nice shots of Beatles with cars...

I love this one of George:
it looks like a commercial or something...

Paul in 1967 with his Aston Martin


John on the day that he finally got his driver's license, at age 25- Its said that he never drove much anyway- mainly because they were mostly chauffered all the time and because his eyesight was one of the worst.

John's newly psychadelicized Rolls Royce

'Hello." Ringo says in a scene of Help!

hahaha- this is from a 1962 Dezo Hoffman shoot...not one of their more flattering outfits- but a very very cute photo I could not resist including


Here's a few great pics of the Beatles with a little Western touch to 'em...

The Good, the Bad, but certainly not the Ugly

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

just extending...

...on John's bit

How cute is John's music room?! I mean, its not too cute- but look at the ONLY photo on the wall!

It's from this beautiful shoot they had in 1965 with photographer David Bailey...I have some of these that I'll post later on, and I have seen this one before and have a printed copy of it- but i cant find it for now...

for John and George

Even though today's is Paul's special day- I decided to post some fun/cute ones of John and George as they have no more 'living' birthdays...I didn't put any that were too beautiful to bring the party down...so I just chose a few fun ones--

This next one is actually George and PAUL havin' a laugh during one of the first Help! scenes...i love this one

They say its your BIRTHDAY!

Now 66 - forever young and still the 'cute Beatle' at heart...
and we love you for it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


"Well..surprise party or not, my ego demands that I look good at all times. So what should I wear tomorrow?"




"So...uh...I heard from a couple peeps something about a surprise party.....y'know, tomorrow.."

"What do you mean, you didnt hear anything?...Nothing at all?"

"Nothing at all...I swear I didn't hear a thing, mate...truly..."
(hehe...naughty, naughty John...)

"Are you sure?...yeah?...oh.....well, all right, then..."

"...Does anyone else wanna have a go at calling?...Please!?"

"This Surprise Party's gonna be wild as hell"

"What should we get him, then?"

"I seriously think we ought to get him this..."

"I think he's seen enough of that, John.."
"Fine...well what about this?"

"A bit scary though..."
"Well....THIS isn't too scary..."

"No...just a bit queer, mate..."

"Yeah! That'll do...."

"Okay, lads, Paul's birthday is tomorrow..."

"What? Tomorrow already?"


"All right, then, let's get started..."