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Monday, June 30, 2008

Beep Beep mm Beep Beep yeah!

Some nice shots of Beatles with cars...

I love this one of George:
it looks like a commercial or something...

Paul in 1967 with his Aston Martin


John on the day that he finally got his driver's license, at age 25- Its said that he never drove much anyway- mainly because they were mostly chauffered all the time and because his eyesight was one of the worst.

John's newly psychadelicized Rolls Royce

'Hello." Ringo says in a scene of Help!

hahaha- this is from a 1962 Dezo Hoffman shoot...not one of their more flattering outfits- but a very very cute photo I could not resist including


Meredith said...

Baby you can drive my car. ;)
I love the pictures of John. :D

Tammy said...


Isnt that shot of Paul outside his Aston Martin taken at the gate of Kenwood?

bickie22 said...

Well, thats what I read on your blog! haha