Hey Beatlepeople!

Welcome to WYD, where I've been having a blast uploading most of my Beatlepics! I get really excited when I realize that some people (other than me) might actually see this, so please leave a comment or something to let me know what you thought! thanks! and peace* V

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clickin' Away [2]

OK, here's the thing again where i get too fed up with picking upload 'themes' and just click away on my iPhoto...here goes:

ABOVE: make-upping for AHDN...not bad

ABOVE AND BELOW: omg def not bad picss!!

George is tiny yet just as marvellous...

YAY! a non-uploaded Gripweed pic!! LOVE the kinda fisheye effect on the Rolls...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beatles & Cameras

Pics of different occasions in which Beatles played around with cameras, like shooting the videos for Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields, being on the set of Help and randomly taking their own pics...

Here's one I found JUST NOW (literally)--loved it!

And these are not actually Beatles, but had to be included: Linda and Mike McGear/McCartney (who took some great pics of the really early Beatle days)...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lennon and Warhol

Ok...sorry about the delay here, but I've had various internet problems, so when I did have it, I could only really use it for school related stuff before it left again...man, being busy is a bitch...anyway- back again!


This next pic i believe to be one of the Lennon snaps that Warhol used to help out on his eventual work (which I really like)- and is pictured right below this one...

This is a snap from an American Beatle 1965 press conference- where Andy Warhol is following along on the sidelines...
And after that, there is another Beatle-related Warhol work.

For more beatle/warhol stuff: 
Those of you who have read Barry Miles' Paul McCartney book, "Many Years From Now", know that Andy Warhol once came to a swingin' get together at Paul's London home on Cavendish Avenue and they all sat on bean bags and watched a movie of his called Empire- which basically films the Empire State Building all day long...
Paul said thank god they were on to smoking pot at the time, because the film was really boring.

btw, for those of you you haven't read this book, its reeeeeally amazing! filled with like little secrets and stuff...I obviously loved it.