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Welcome to WYD, where I've been having a blast uploading most of my Beatlepics! I get really excited when I realize that some people (other than me) might actually see this, so please leave a comment or something to let me know what you thought! thanks! and peace* V

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beatle 'Sleevefaces'

Incredibly creative idea here...Click here for more of the same
Very very cool...I spent a long time on that website

Anyway, of course I separated the Beatle-related ones..

BTW the book this guy is holding above, is just DEF one of the best books I have ever read in my life...just felt like mentioning...'Many Years From Now' by Barry Miles (& Paul McCartney)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Faces of Paul

Faces of the BDAY boyy...
Just some combinations of Paul-faces I've found while searching the internet for Paul pics, as you do...haha

DEFINITELY saving the very very best for last...i just thought this was a god-send...haha
Paulie with fingers in his mouth- he does actually do that a lot and it looks this good 
every. single. time.


Wishing an incredibly wonderful 67th BIRTHDAY 
to our one and only beautiful 

God Bless - we love you forever.

Well, i think i did a pretty cool post for Macca's bday last year (check that out if you wish) and i kinda posted all the 'Paul-with-a-cake' pics I have...so, I'll just have to repeat an obligatory 'cutting-cake' pic and some other ones involving cake that I probably already posted. hahah...well, no one can really have enough of those faces, can they?!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

P-E-R-F-E-C-T hair by Macca, of course

and the groomin' is caught on camera! haha...its just too adorable to ignore!



Indra in Color.

(not real, though...but still kinda cool)

Lennon Staring Intensely.

Quote by Cyn Lennon

LOVE IT. so cute.

More James...!

OMG each day i get more and more freaked out by just how much James looks like Paul! It's pretty amazing...I honestly think he should let his hair grow and dye it black just to freak everyone out for a while. But it seems like he has that 'i dont wanna live in the image of my famous father' attitude going on, which is probably why he chooses to keep his head shaven. Dont reeeeally blame him for wanting to be recognized in his own right, but still... come on!

Just take a look at the following James expressions to notice the incredible similarity...
(and by picturing a head full of hair- you will *see* our Paul!)


ALSO, i noticed that even the way James stands looks like his father! Here's an example comparison of a James pic from yesterday and a few of Paul during the Hamburg days:

okay...the standing thing may be taking a bit too far, but when i saw the pic of James chatting to Yoko, i immediately thought of these Hamburg pics and decided to post the idea. haha

Monday, June 15, 2009

Meat Free Mondays!

So, here's something I'm very excited about:
Macca's Meat-Free Mondays!

Apparently, it's been shown on a number of UN reports that the meat industry is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the world's electricity and trasport together. Now, as questionable as that may seem, coming from the UN, I'd say its safe to believe.

These pics come from DailyMail.co.uk, [where the full article is present], describing the launch Paul, Stella, Mary and James hosted in London's St. James Park. Many veggie and meat-eating celebs were there including Yoko, Moby, kelly Osbourne and Kate Bosworth. (Other supporters of MFM that couldn't attend include Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Kevin Spacey).

**If I weren't already completely veggie, I would definitely be a big supporter of this**

Makin nice with the enemy...haha...

He just looks so Beatle-y of course...wouldn't say the same for James in the background there...Is it just me or does he never really smile at these public appearances he so despises?

FOR MORE INFO on the cause, please visit http://www.supportmfm.org/

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beatle Boat Ride

I just ADORE the clothes worn here...all 4 look great

[btw, if you click on it, the original version is MUCH larger, and you can see what I mean about their clothes. Also, it does well as a desktop wallpaper.]

'66 In Living Color

Despite all, 1966 was a good year, beatlepeople...

[ABOVE: one of my FAVE pics...omg, just look at George to melt]

Repeating Angle

In my opinion, a great view on Paul's face...well, like any other