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Monday, June 15, 2009

Meat Free Mondays!

So, here's something I'm very excited about:
Macca's Meat-Free Mondays!

Apparently, it's been shown on a number of UN reports that the meat industry is responsible for more greenhouse gases than the world's electricity and trasport together. Now, as questionable as that may seem, coming from the UN, I'd say its safe to believe.

These pics come from DailyMail.co.uk, [where the full article is present], describing the launch Paul, Stella, Mary and James hosted in London's St. James Park. Many veggie and meat-eating celebs were there including Yoko, Moby, kelly Osbourne and Kate Bosworth. (Other supporters of MFM that couldn't attend include Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and Kevin Spacey).

**If I weren't already completely veggie, I would definitely be a big supporter of this**

Makin nice with the enemy...haha...

He just looks so Beatle-y of course...wouldn't say the same for James in the background there...Is it just me or does he never really smile at these public appearances he so despises?

FOR MORE INFO on the cause, please visit http://www.supportmfm.org/

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