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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More James...!

OMG each day i get more and more freaked out by just how much James looks like Paul! It's pretty amazing...I honestly think he should let his hair grow and dye it black just to freak everyone out for a while. But it seems like he has that 'i dont wanna live in the image of my famous father' attitude going on, which is probably why he chooses to keep his head shaven. Dont reeeeally blame him for wanting to be recognized in his own right, but still... come on!

Just take a look at the following James expressions to notice the incredible similarity...
(and by picturing a head full of hair- you will *see* our Paul!)


ALSO, i noticed that even the way James stands looks like his father! Here's an example comparison of a James pic from yesterday and a few of Paul during the Hamburg days:

okay...the standing thing may be taking a bit too far, but when i saw the pic of James chatting to Yoko, i immediately thought of these Hamburg pics and decided to post the idea. haha

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