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Monday, January 10, 2011

a few rarely seen Mad Day Out pics (PT.1)

Needless to say, Mad Day Out was an EPIC photoshoot. (The real reason behind it was that the lads were tired of seeing themselves in the papers as either moptops or flower-powered hippies - this was their new "1968" image: elegant, more grown up and they wanted to show it.

And i want to show you! So, here are some of the not so typically seen images of the day frolicking around London... enjoy! (I really like these)

@Thompson House:

@Mercury Theatre:

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!
shirtless Paulie...
beautiful hair on George...
+ general Beatle humour and great clothes.

*cheers to Lizzie Bravo for posting this amaazing link on her facebook (check it on the links bit on the left here)*

ALSO - cheers to Maddie for recently commenting on a bunch of posts old and new! Thanks!! =) (comments def inspire me to post.. haha)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

For 2011 =)