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Welcome to WYD, where I've been having a blast uploading most of my Beatlepics! I get really excited when I realize that some people (other than me) might actually see this, so please leave a comment or something to let me know what you thought! thanks! and peace* V

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

'66 Polaroid

With Gifts!

Reminds me of Dhani...

Sgt Pepper in the Park

OMG can you imagine coming across the boys in this random stroll in Hyde Park in 1967?! LOVE the clothes here..

with Mary Hopkin

Friendly Confrontation

Flowing Lennon Hair

John & Yoko in Cartoon

awesome what you can find on the internet...dont quite know what these were for though..

Composing at Forthlin Rd.

taken by Mike probably...

Photoshop experiment

This isn't actually Abbey Road, but I was just testing the skills for when i go there next time..but it is in London anyway...

i kinda like it! and Im really excited to go back to the real one!


Some adorable Macca moments with first daughters, Heather and Mary...

apparently Heather liked to dance...and dont they just look so CUTE?!

Friday, July 17, 2009

My FRIEND saw Paul in NYC!

OMG omg I just freaked out when my friend (in NYC) tells me she was able to see Paul perform on top of the David Letterman marquee! 
(Also, relatively close!) 
Here are a few of the pics she took...

And, of course, pics taken by the pros who were there...
First, the actual Letterman interview,

Then the awesome, unexpected outdoors performance!

Macca&Nancy People Mag

LOVE new news about them! ..though this doesnt actually have any 'news' but i love seeing them in the media..
(very readable text if you click to enlarge)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Macca 09 Tour Promo Poster

This is actually only the poster advertising the Dallas date, but... Paul will soon be venturing around Dallas, NY, Boston, Tulsa and of course, Halifax.

I really like this poster and even though I dont live in the US, im really excited about this tour because it means many many hours of brand new Macca youtube vids! ALSO Paul will be on the David Letterman show on Wednesday (the same theater where the '64 Ed Sullivan Show took place!) I absolutely adore Letterman and even more so of course, Paul! 

AAANNND good luck to Paul and all his crew at their Halifax date tonight! I really hope everyone has a blast! VERY jealous!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

..::: - - RINGO BDAY post - - :::..

Wishing you a magnificent 69th bday and keep rockin' -  bcause we're still lovin it!

[love these pics above!]

Ringo's beatle bday bumps! ('64)

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Meeting of 52 years ago

Today marks the 52nd year since Ivan Vaughan introduced Paul McCartney to his friend John Lennon at a Quarrymen performance at the Woolton Village Fete in Liverpool in 1957. 
Recently, there's been an amazing artistic representation of this meeting called 'The Introduction' by Eric Cash and I think it looks incredible!(It was based on numerous accounts of people who were actually there, so its pretty accurate) Anyway,  here it is:

Now, just as a little extra, I'd like to add my DEF fave Lennon/McCartney pics...they're just absolutely perfect - I think most of you will have seen them though...from a David Bailey shoot in '65.