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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two Naughty Beatle Daddies - Coincidence?

Ok, John Lennon's nakedness is no shocker, but I think this McCartney pic is a gem for those anxiously awaiting some unearthed naked Paul pic... bcause the only other ones I've seen are the scenes from 'Help!' (damn gum wrapper!), and the little pic that appears on the White Album poster)
An here's a question that you viewers may answer through comments: disturbing, sexy or what? Do you envy the babies or wish you could send them to some far away land? - I'm guessing its the first one, but you never know...
I actually freaked when I found the Paul one - i think its sexy...and i just found the John one today! Though he looks a bit skinny....i just thought it was so funny how both used their kiddies to block their 'naughty bits'.. haha..

Well, here they are: John + Sean , Paul + Mary

[Just for a clearer view of Paul's face...but some of you may not even be looking there!]

Beatle bootleg covers

These are the Beatle bootleg covers that did ok...notice how its much less that the Lennon or McCartney ones...

But actually, these few pics are great! I haven't seen any of them before--but the other covers there reeeeeally lacked originality...

[love these 2 up and down]

[ABOVE: ohh...thats what the HDN train looked like...kinda dark...weird to see HDN in color...but cool, so that's that]

Lennon bootleg covers

I wasnt actually looking to download Lennon bootlegs, but since I really got into the covers of the Macca ones, I just started looking at all the covers...(I especially love the ones with John as Gripweed from 'How I Won The War'...I might dedicate a post to him in the near future, i think he looks absolutely gorgeous..)
So, John doesn't really look attractive in all of them, but I think some of the pics themselves are pretty good - 

[and now for the GRIPWEED covers!]

Awesome Macca bootleg covers

So, the story is that today I spent a lot of time surfing the web specifically for Macca bootlegs to download (yes, sorry)--anyway, I came across some really cool album cover pics: they were the best pics in comparison to the not very creative bootleg covers of The Beatles themselves or even the John Lennon ones...

[ABOVE: what a cute couple!!--but Paul kinda looks like a different person...]
[BELOW: I love Paul workin that hat!]

[ABOVE: An outtake for the official cover of Paul's 1993 live album, Paul Is Live, where he appears crossing Abbey Road with his sheepdog (not Martha anymore)]
[BELOW: shirtless! need i say more?]

[ABOVE: "B" sides himself...haha...love that title]
[BELOW: Just look at the bubbly face!]

[BELOW: wtf? But they seem pretty into it...]

Friday, February 27, 2009

Help Snaps.

Some snaps taken from the making of 'Help!', 1965...
and I just feel like saying that whenever I see pics of Beatles in snow, or anyone skiing for that matter, Ticket To Ride just automatically starts playing in my head.

OMG I just love Paul in this one below! (well, above as well, but I think Paul in jeans beats out Paul in fur coat...)