Hey Beatlepeople!

Welcome to WYD, where I've been having a blast uploading most of my Beatlepics! I get really excited when I realize that some people (other than me) might actually see this, so please leave a comment or something to let me know what you thought! thanks! and peace* V

Monday, February 09, 2009

Message to Viewers

btw, just now i randomly sent a bunch of messages to some Youtube peeps and (if you're one of them here), I'd just like to ask you guys to please comment and/or keep comin' and check out some of the older posts! thanks a lot!
Peace and Love-

PS- and since none of you have actually ever *seen* me, this is me. (@ ABBEY ROAD!)


Beatle Lizzy said...

Hey Vickie!
I'm dizzymisslizzylane off youtube, thanks for inviting me, I'm always keen to find beatles photos and just stare at them hehe!! :D

I'm amazed that you were sitting on the steps of abbey road! :D This is great, but, did you find it difficult to get inside the carpark? I heard they only allow people who are using the studio, and then I got worried that I would not be allowed haha!

All power to you!
Peace love and beatles, Lizzy.

jrib2001 said...

That is an awesome picture. Nice to meet you:)
Happy Valentines day to all Beatle lovers

Caroline said...

I have a photo of myself sitting on those steps too! And crossing Abbey road of course :)

Your blog is great, thanks for sharing all those beautiful pics!

Brigitte said...

Oh! You were so lucky to be there sitting on Abbey Road steps and crossing that street!!
I just ´discovered´your blog and I really love it!!