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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Awesome Macca bootleg covers

So, the story is that today I spent a lot of time surfing the web specifically for Macca bootlegs to download (yes, sorry)--anyway, I came across some really cool album cover pics: they were the best pics in comparison to the not very creative bootleg covers of The Beatles themselves or even the John Lennon ones...

[ABOVE: what a cute couple!!--but Paul kinda looks like a different person...]
[BELOW: I love Paul workin that hat!]

[ABOVE: An outtake for the official cover of Paul's 1993 live album, Paul Is Live, where he appears crossing Abbey Road with his sheepdog (not Martha anymore)]
[BELOW: shirtless! need i say more?]

[ABOVE: "B" sides himself...haha...love that title]
[BELOW: Just look at the bubbly face!]

[BELOW: wtf? But they seem pretty into it...]

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Marilyn E. said...

Oooh! Those ARE awesome! I recognize most of the bootleg names (cause I have some songs from them) but I've never seen the covers!
Gotta love Paul. :)