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Monday, August 17, 2009

ANOTHER Paul age 10 pic!

Oh My God. Can you say 'outta-this-world-adorable'??!!
Just beautifully rare pics showin up at random Liverpool Beatle Memorabilia auctions!

Spot the Cutie!

OMG. Just SOOOO 'McCartney' here, its unbelievable.

Guitar Collectors (aka RIP Les Paul)

LOVE these!
And, of course, God Bless LesPaul - guitar genius (he was 94).

This is just a pic from that Nordoff-Robins charity event where Paul signed a 10ft Gibson LesPaul replica in Nov 2007. (If anyone else noticed, he now has a LesPaul painted exactly like this one with the colorful kids and their hands up).

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ringo joins: 47 years ago today!

This August 14 is the 47th anniversary of Ringo Starr's joining The Beatles. In 1962, Brian Epstein called him up and gave him a total of three days to come up with an answer to his offer- Ringo accepted (obviously), leaving behind his drumming with Rory Storm & The Hurricanes and joining our boys! (thereby giving poor Pete Bet the boot) And thank God he did! 

I often get angry at people underestimating Ringo's performance and importance within the Beatles career -- I recently read a really cute quote by George, saying 
 * "Playing without Ringo is like driving a car with three wheels."
OMG that is just too cute.

Also, what I read elsewhere and found interesting was that Ringo gave the band a bit of a cool edge, or twist. The three other members having pretty boring Catholic names like John, Paul and George and in comes our RINGO STARR. And how cool does that look? Also, he came from Dingle in Liverpool (tough area) and was involved in gangs and stuff - in those days, a cool feature in the eyes of our young lads...not to mention him driving a Zephyr Zodiac and having a beard! haha

AND for the last one, this is probably my all-time FAVE Ringo pic! I absolutely adore his face in this one..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heartbreaker Paul: Age 10.

OMG I just found this amazing story behind an unseen Paul pic! Apparently Paul McCartney was a charmer since childhood! Read the story, guys...its really cute!

[recognize our Paul? I actually did in a heart beat-- no mistakin that face! =)
middle row, far left of course!]

Liverpool Echo
Liverpool SchoolFriend tells of pupils' crush on Beatles' Paul McCartney

IT’s official. Paul McCartney was a heartbreaker – even when he was just 10-years-old.

A former classmate today revealed how the girls would gather to giggle whenever the ex-Beatle passed them on his school bus.

Bernice Humphries, 67, was stunned to spot herself with McCartney in this photograph.

The recently uncovered image shows the former Joseph Williams junior school pupils at a children’s birthday party.

It will be auctioned later in the month.

Mrs Humphries, of Tarbock Green, Huyton, admits she was an early fan.

She said: “I was amazed when I saw the picture in the ECHO. I don’t remember it being taken. It was supposedly from a party in Childwall, but I don’t remember us ever going there.

“The houses look more like the ones in Western Avenue, Speke, where Paul lived at the time.”

She said McCartney’s talent was obvious even at school.

“Whenever we had our Christmas pantomime Paul had the lead role. He had a gorgeous voice even then.”

The two went to separate senior schools – Bernice to Aigburth Vale High School and Paul to Liverpool Institute – but the young McCartney was far from forgotten.

Mrs Humphries, then Bernice Stenton, said: “We all had a crush on Paul. His bus would come past ours in Aigburth Vale and you know what girls are like. We’d all be giggling and saying ‘There’s Paul, there’s Paul.’

“I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Beatles perform on the television. I thought that’s Paul McCartney... and it was.”

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hot Damn. Gripweed.

Gotta love that Gripweed.
You know when you find a pic and simply cannot do anything else but just stare for suuuuch a long time? Yeah, that happened.

I found these not too long ago and Im sooooo happy I did! (AMAZING hair on *both* AND not too bad of a bod on the second one!) hahah way to go, Lennon.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Yes, I know I am indeed late, but I didn't have internet access on Saturday (the actual anniversary) - so let's just make do with Monday, peeps...

Well, while searching the web I found this really great and not excessively long tribute to the cover pic that I thought was really nice - here it is: (from examiner.com)

The walk. The crossing. The stroll. The legend.

Call it what you will, but it'd be silly to try and get terribly profound about what the cover shoot of "Abbey Road" all means 40 years later.

So how's this: Why did the Beatles cross the road?

Because it was there.

Certainly, it's become one of their trademarks. It's everywhere. Who could have guessed a few simple steps and a few photos by Iain McMillan would become such a big thing?

If we were conspiracy theorists, we could drop hints about the major clues in the picture that helped fuel the "Paul Is Dead" hoax. The "28 IF" license plate. Paul's bare feet.

But it's just a picture. Well, maybe not just a picture. It's spurned zillons of imitations, both on albums and in person each day on the real Abbey Road.

And it's really the album, more than the picture. An incredible album at that.

The picture (and the album), though, did accomplish at least one thing: It made the street and the studio named after it a household name. Sort of like the guys who recorded said album.

They did it in the road.  Those few small steps for four men gave us one giant legend for mankind. Happy 40th.

AND here are the outtakes from that unbelievably awesome photo sesh of Aug8th, 1969!
(i actually got these from beatlestweets.com)

[these two (ABOVE AND BELOW) are actually 2 of my fave beatlepics...]

[I also LOVE LOVE this top one!]
[this last one looks weird without our lads in it, doesnt it? haha]

Awesome by George

Sorry I couldnt really 'enhance' any of these pics, but I've been having trouble with my iPhoto lately....
Anyway, these are just a few pics of the very many pics that demonstrate the ultimate awesomeness that is George Harrison.
The man can just bring a smile to anyone's face.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Little Fun...

If any of you ALSO have those moments where you just have nothing to do other than surf around useless internet things (such as this one, pretty much) - Here's another fun way to spend your time, go to MagMyPic and insert any of your pics as some kind of magazine cover! It can get fun if you get the right pics..so i decided to try it out with a Paul pic first and of course any Beatlepic works nicely..but they've been on soooo many covers that after a while, it just loses the point and putting pics of yourself starts getting funner! hhaha