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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heartbreaker Paul: Age 10.

OMG I just found this amazing story behind an unseen Paul pic! Apparently Paul McCartney was a charmer since childhood! Read the story, guys...its really cute!

[recognize our Paul? I actually did in a heart beat-- no mistakin that face! =)
middle row, far left of course!]

Liverpool Echo
Liverpool SchoolFriend tells of pupils' crush on Beatles' Paul McCartney

IT’s official. Paul McCartney was a heartbreaker – even when he was just 10-years-old.

A former classmate today revealed how the girls would gather to giggle whenever the ex-Beatle passed them on his school bus.

Bernice Humphries, 67, was stunned to spot herself with McCartney in this photograph.

The recently uncovered image shows the former Joseph Williams junior school pupils at a children’s birthday party.

It will be auctioned later in the month.

Mrs Humphries, of Tarbock Green, Huyton, admits she was an early fan.

She said: “I was amazed when I saw the picture in the ECHO. I don’t remember it being taken. It was supposedly from a party in Childwall, but I don’t remember us ever going there.

“The houses look more like the ones in Western Avenue, Speke, where Paul lived at the time.”

She said McCartney’s talent was obvious even at school.

“Whenever we had our Christmas pantomime Paul had the lead role. He had a gorgeous voice even then.”

The two went to separate senior schools – Bernice to Aigburth Vale High School and Paul to Liverpool Institute – but the young McCartney was far from forgotten.

Mrs Humphries, then Bernice Stenton, said: “We all had a crush on Paul. His bus would come past ours in Aigburth Vale and you know what girls are like. We’d all be giggling and saying ‘There’s Paul, there’s Paul.’

“I’ll never forget the first time I saw the Beatles perform on the television. I thought that’s Paul McCartney... and it was.”

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