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Monday, August 10, 2009


Yes, I know I am indeed late, but I didn't have internet access on Saturday (the actual anniversary) - so let's just make do with Monday, peeps...

Well, while searching the web I found this really great and not excessively long tribute to the cover pic that I thought was really nice - here it is: (from examiner.com)

The walk. The crossing. The stroll. The legend.

Call it what you will, but it'd be silly to try and get terribly profound about what the cover shoot of "Abbey Road" all means 40 years later.

So how's this: Why did the Beatles cross the road?

Because it was there.

Certainly, it's become one of their trademarks. It's everywhere. Who could have guessed a few simple steps and a few photos by Iain McMillan would become such a big thing?

If we were conspiracy theorists, we could drop hints about the major clues in the picture that helped fuel the "Paul Is Dead" hoax. The "28 IF" license plate. Paul's bare feet.

But it's just a picture. Well, maybe not just a picture. It's spurned zillons of imitations, both on albums and in person each day on the real Abbey Road.

And it's really the album, more than the picture. An incredible album at that.

The picture (and the album), though, did accomplish at least one thing: It made the street and the studio named after it a household name. Sort of like the guys who recorded said album.

They did it in the road.  Those few small steps for four men gave us one giant legend for mankind. Happy 40th.

AND here are the outtakes from that unbelievably awesome photo sesh of Aug8th, 1969!
(i actually got these from beatlestweets.com)

[these two (ABOVE AND BELOW) are actually 2 of my fave beatlepics...]

[I also LOVE LOVE this top one!]
[this last one looks weird without our lads in it, doesnt it? haha]

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