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Friday, August 14, 2009

Ringo joins: 47 years ago today!

This August 14 is the 47th anniversary of Ringo Starr's joining The Beatles. In 1962, Brian Epstein called him up and gave him a total of three days to come up with an answer to his offer- Ringo accepted (obviously), leaving behind his drumming with Rory Storm & The Hurricanes and joining our boys! (thereby giving poor Pete Bet the boot) And thank God he did! 

I often get angry at people underestimating Ringo's performance and importance within the Beatles career -- I recently read a really cute quote by George, saying 
 * "Playing without Ringo is like driving a car with three wheels."
OMG that is just too cute.

Also, what I read elsewhere and found interesting was that Ringo gave the band a bit of a cool edge, or twist. The three other members having pretty boring Catholic names like John, Paul and George and in comes our RINGO STARR. And how cool does that look? Also, he came from Dingle in Liverpool (tough area) and was involved in gangs and stuff - in those days, a cool feature in the eyes of our young lads...not to mention him driving a Zephyr Zodiac and having a beard! haha

AND for the last one, this is probably my all-time FAVE Ringo pic! I absolutely adore his face in this one..


totalbeatlefan said...

Oh my god, I get mad at people who underestimate Ringo! It wouldn't be the Beatles without him! Not only was he the drummer, but he was the humor of the band too. (Not including John. He was funny too)I LOVE YOU RINGO!!!!

Mar!ah said...

Ringo never really received the attention he deserved...but he was/is still a very important part of the Beatles! We love you forever, Ritchie!!! :D