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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Clickin' Away

OK, so I decided that from now on I'm gonna have this thing where i open my iPhoto, close my eyes, and randomly click on a Beatlepic and load it onto here...because the way I do it now is that I try and think of like some sort of 'theme' and have some relevant pics.....but i'll also keep doing that, but this is just easier and a way for you guys to see a lot of my random Beatlepics!

so here we go: eyes will now shut and the pics will be selected!!

(btw, OMG i was just so happy the day i found this pic [below]! I love it...Paul is almost being a bit too revealing and i find it hilarious that there's this random guy to the left whos like just lying there nearly naked...i dont know, it just makes me laugh..)

(and I adore the way John is just looking straight at the camera in this pic with DJ Murray The K [below])

hmm hmm Paulie....

1 comment:

Brigitte said...

Omg! you have an awesome beatlepics collection!!
I love the second pic ( John is kinda ...uf!!), the third is just great (has some kind of symmetry) wonderful really, and the one where John is looking straight at the camera makes me melt my heart!!!!