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Monday, July 06, 2009

The Meeting of 52 years ago

Today marks the 52nd year since Ivan Vaughan introduced Paul McCartney to his friend John Lennon at a Quarrymen performance at the Woolton Village Fete in Liverpool in 1957. 
Recently, there's been an amazing artistic representation of this meeting called 'The Introduction' by Eric Cash and I think it looks incredible!(It was based on numerous accounts of people who were actually there, so its pretty accurate) Anyway,  here it is:

Now, just as a little extra, I'd like to add my DEF fave Lennon/McCartney pics...they're just absolutely perfect - I think most of you will have seen them though...from a David Bailey shoot in '65.


Brigitte said...

You´re right they are perfect in these black and white pics, I love John stare in them!!

Mar!ah said...

Lennon & McCartney have always been such a great duo... :)