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Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Mersey Beat

Today, in honor of Liverpool being named the 08 Capital of Culture, Paul will be the one headlining the Liverpool Sound event at Anfield Stadium. (Though he is really an Everton fan!) He'll be joined by the Kaiser Chiefs and The Zutons will be opening for them. Of course, inevitably there have been rumors of a Paul/Ringo reunion (as always) that have been denied...well, can't blame a few fans for dreamin', can ya? -- But in several interviews conducted recently, Paul has promised a few special surprises for the city of Liverpool.

These photos come from Paul's official website, showing the soundchecks and rehearsals going on this past week, and there is also a video of Paul introducing his band during one of them. A huge crowd is expected to this historic event, as the last time Paul played in his hometown was 5 years to the day when he closed his Back in the World tour in 2003.

These next ones show the Foo Fighters' frontman, David Grohl joining Paul onstage in one of the rehearsals...one of the surprises?...we shall only wait patiently to see...

McCartney stylish as ever

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Meredith said...

Love the shades. xD
I thought Ringo was supposed to play.