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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Elton John in Beatle company

Just a collection of random occasions in which Elton John(who I absolutely adore) was in company of a Beatle...he was actually particularly close to John and there's a fun story he tells about when they performed together in 1974 at MSG. What happened was that after they had recorded 'Whatever Gets You Thru The Night', Elton predicted it would be a hit, John disagreed and they made a bet saying that if it reached #1 in the charts, John would have to join Elton onstage. Of course, it did and he did. What also shows they were very close is the fact that Elton once said John was the only musician he admired and that he wrote 'Empty Garden' for him, right after he died.

So first, let's have the 'EltonJohnLennon' pics, shall we?:

(now for the others)

And this is just one of the cool pics I took when I was at an Elton concert in January of this year...OMG it was SOOO amazing and i simple cannot believe I was that close to him!

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Brigitte said...

It´s a pity there´s no filming of that concert with the two Johns!!