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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cute 'old Paul' smiles

These are just some pics I found recently of Paul and I just adored them for the fact that you can see the young Beatle shining through that very sweet and recognizable smile of his. Yes, yes, he's getting old, but we all know that his youthful spirit will probably never falter- and as long as that remains alive, he's always our jumpy and ever-joyful BeatlePaul...

BTW this first pic has become one of my new Macca-faves...i just love the way he looks- clothes, pose and everything.

just a little 1964 smile example (one of my faves as well)


Maisie Madcap said...

Love that smile!

Tutu Marangá said...

How can someone say he's dead?? I can't after seeing this, no one could replace paul, and there's no way to exist two people with same talent, same voice, and such same rare smile!!