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Friday, November 07, 2008

The Ultimate Legend.

woooooooo!!! Last night, at the MTV Europe Music Awards (in Liverpool), Paul won the Ultimate Legend award for his amazing contributions to music and culture--It was presented to him by U2 frontman Bono Vox, who gave a wonderful speech to it.

Here's what Bono said when presenting:
"For someone like me who makes a living out of rock and roll, to be asked to say a few words about Paul McCartney is like asking a Catholic priest if he wouldn't mind going to Rome to present and award to St. Peter. Liverpool, This is the man who invented my job..."

and at some other time he said:
"On the way here Paul McCartney, who was driving the car, was pointing out every place in Liverpool. It was like being in the Pope-mobile with the Pope driving. In the universe of rock and roll bands, the Beatles were the big bang. I saw tonight how much Liverpool means to Paul McCartney and you can feel how much Paul McCartney means to Liverpool."

Here's what Paul said in acceptance: (but only after having high-fived lots of fans) literally word-for-word. I'm watching the vid and wrinting it down as it goes:

"LIVERPOOL! Well, I don't know what to do after an introduction like that...Ok, there's not a lot I can say- but I'd like to thank my mum and dad, Jim and Mary. I want to thank my brother, Mike, who's here today- everyone in my family, my fantastic
family here in Liverpool. And I've got to thank my mates, Ringo, George and John without whom...You know, many years ago, four little boys were born here in Liverpool and we went on to do quite well. So as I say, thanks to all my family, to all of you for coming along to all of you in Liverpool, to everyone in Britain, to everyone in America for voting in Mr. Obama. I wanna thank everyone-- I love youuuuu! Thank you"


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