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Monday, November 03, 2008

Beatle ink.

Just a few of the pics I have that show Beatle ink (more to be displayed):

ABOVE: how long do you think it took for them to wash off their arms?

ABOVE: OMG. the tie. the tie. the tie.

ABOVE: Not only does she get Paul McCartney's autograph- but he needs her back for support! how cute*...btw- i'd just like to add that that man beside Paul (in the middle) is Jim, his father.

BELOW: I actually read that this was John's last-ever autograph...but maybe the person just got that from the fact that it says 1980 on it...not necessarily Dec 8th...

"purrrrrr" says John Lennon in this pic.

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Maddie said...

The tie! Lol. They're all so sexy.