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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Poor Paulie

aww...he had such a cute smile....

and it stayed that way only UNTIL a quite serious little 1966 accident occured involving Paul, teeth, lips, a moped and the moon.

Here is an exceprt from an interview shortly after the accident:

"It was quite a serious accident at the time. It probably sounds daft, having a serious accident on a motorized bicycle, but I came off it hard and I got knocked about a bit. My head and lip were cut and I broke the tooth. I was only doing about 30 at the time, but it was dark and I hit a stone and went flyin' through the air. It was my fault... it was a nice night and I was looking at the moon."

HERE is a photo still of the Paperback Writer/Rain promo vid- in which you can perfectly see the missing tooth bits:
looks a bit funny..the first time i saw the video I didn't know about the accident and didn't really know what the hell had happened...

But after he had it capped he went back to being our gorgeous little Paul, with that wonderful smile and excellent bass playing that lives on forever...together with a scar on his lip that is sometimes visible...

this photo was around the late eighties... i think

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