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Monday, August 18, 2008

Oh! Darling

Just a few new pics of the happy couple, Paul and Nanvy Shevell... I havent seen or heard enough to really have a set opinion on them- but I am pretty happy....AND she has her own millions, so that won't be an issue....

These 3 were taken on Aug 14 outside of Paul's London home in St. John's Wood (which he's had since Beatles days)- this is actually the first time they've kinda 'posed' for a pap photo- so it pretty much makes it mos def official that they're together...kinda cute ones too...

This next one was taken in London'n Heathrow Airport when the couple came back from their month-long road trip across Route 66:


The Purdzilla Show said...

Hi - you were the 'next blog' after mine (wozzasworld is for my friends and family but you may enjoy the Beatle content from time to time). I loved your collection of macca photos. I've been a rabid Beatle fan for many years and it was great to see photos I've never seen like the Mike McGear and Macca one. I love the McGear album (Paul and Linda helped out a lot and Paul produced) and Mike's own photos are really special. Nice post - well done!!

Meredith said...

These pictures are adorable.
I just want Paul to be happy, and I don't see a downside to Nancy.
At least we know she isn't a gold digger. :)
Thanks for posting!