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Saturday, December 25, 2010

For a very Beatley Crimble...

(yes, i had to...)

In addition to having a glorious Xmas feast, plenty of carols and xmas lights, i STRONGLY suggest you listen to (if you have not already) the Beatles Xmas records, because they're hilarious and cute (as, quite obviously, most Beatle things are).

"Getty Bable dear Christmas, Happy Birthday me too." - John =D

Paul: "Don't know where we'd be without you really.."
John: "In the army perhaps."

Christmas Record 1965: (6 1/2 mins long) + funny 'Yesterday' + silly singing in general
"I'd like to thank you for the Christmas cards and presents and birthday cards and presents and everything too, as well." - George

*note* The lads did also make Christmas records in '66, '67 and '68 - But i just didn't post them because I don't quite enjoy them as much...BUT the little acoustic ditty Paul pens on the beginning of the 1968 one is actually quite catchy

"Happy New Year
Happy Christmas
Happy Easter
Happy Autumn
Happy Migglemas
Everybody, happy xmas, everybody
To you

I'd like to wish everybody happy xmas this year of 1968,
goin on '69
happy Christmas
happy new year
all the best to you from here

I'd like to wish everybody happy xmas, happy new year
From there to here
happy new year
happy new year
happy new year"


Veronica said...

Just sayin I LOVE THIS BLOG. I've been OBSESSED WITH THE BEATLES the past year! Andd justttt wonderin where do you get all these FANTASTIC pictures?!

Taylorswiftrocks said...

So you like the beatles huh?. ;) LOL

She Who Shall Not Be Named said...

Aw, their hats are so cool! I love it so much! (I think I say that too much.) (LOOK THERE IT IS AGAIN!!)