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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ritchie & Mo Starkey

A few pics of what I think is a really cute couple-Ringo and Mo-but it actually had a terrible ending, which was when Mo had a little naughty affair with George that would eventually wreck his own marriage to Pattie Boyd as well. Together, the couple had 3 kids--Zak, Jason and Lee. The sadness only grew after Maureen died in 1994 with Ringo, her new husband and all her kids by her side after a battle with cancer, to which Paul McCartney dedicated the song 'Little Willow' of his 1997 album, Flaming Pie. (which got to #2- yay!)

Enough of the bad stuff- they were really cute together--especially because she was just a fan from the Cavern/early Liverpool days that stook till the end...

ABOVE: The couple in the hospital (1965) after the birth of their first son, Zak Starkey, who currently drums for music legends The Who and Oasis.



Sara said...

Ow, Mo looks like such a rebel on that pic ;)

Sherika said...

Thank you so much for posting these!!